Arsenal vs Bayern Munich FULL MATCH 2nd half UEFA 19/02/2014

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9 Responses to “Arsenal vs Bayern Munich FULL MATCH 2nd half UEFA 19/02/2014”

  1. BarçaFullMatches Says:

    You are great.

  2. Million Dollars Says:

    click here for 1st HALF – Arsenal vs Bayern Munich 0-2 FULL MATCH 1st half
    UEFA 19/02/2014

  3. Henri Smith Says:


  4. Arash Ghashghai Says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  5. Martha Kilmister Says:

    futball is coming hoam futball is coming hoaam!!

  6. OceansLabradorite Says:

    Bill Lesley has the perfect voice for a commentator 

  7. Henri Smith Says:


  8. Henri Smith Says:

    and Robben is a son of a bitch he does everytime the same, go inside with
    the ball and shoot BASTARD I KILL HIM

  9. Million Dollars Says: