England – Official Football Hi… : England 1-1 Ghana

Video clip Score: four / five

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| December 9th, 2013 | Posted in Football |

25 Responses to “England – Official Football Hi… : England 1-1 Ghana”

  1. cedude22 Says:

    then West Ham

  2. Travis Bickle Says:

    Remember this well. Asamoah Gyan was utterly unplayable.

  3. MrFataja Says:


  4. GonkNebraska Says:

    @SuperGamemaniac England are a terrible team bro. Full strength could only
    squeeze a boring 2-0 win over Wales. Everytime England come up against
    quality opposition they fail hard.

  5. twinnie6 Says:

    The commentators in this video are so dead!!!!!!

  6. SnipinG1337 Says:

    Finally Joe Hart is in Englands team

  7. mangaway Says:

    There’s only One Andy Carroll, One Andy Carroll Smashing them along,
    Heading them strong, Walking in a Carroll Wonderland YNWA

  8. uzzzii894 Says:

    England fan, but honestly Ghana deserved the win. Fairly and better played

  9. Yellow Crayon Says:

    I love Ghanian fans.

  10. ilovemanutd121 Says:

    the ghana fans were louder 0_o

  11. nedergaard2 Says:

    Good save 1:10

  12. axas17 Says:

    @tylertdog4 Because it was a friendly and it was just before / after the CL
    final, I forget..

  13. breezeGH Says:

    Twenty One Thousand Ghanaians yeh? That was amazing.

  14. Bono Larbi Says:

    Ghana didnt do good on this one.

  15. richard kwakwu manu Says:

    let dede ayew captain 2014 world cup!

  16. big john Says:

    if capello had played england A team and not the B team then i think the
    score would have been 2-0

  17. Supduplemup Says:

    Who is the England # 11?

  18. cisse4safc Says:

    Asaaaaaaaamoaaaaaaaaaaaah Gyaaaaaaaaaaan!

  19. kojo Says:

    Essien, Ayew, Prince-Boateng and so forth didn’t play for Ghana..they had a
    had time possessing the ball

  20. 9ron101 Says:

    Asamoah Gyan’s goal was awesome!

  21. kwame Essel Says:

    we miss de dance from gyan

  22. jazzx251 Says:

    @siisiisomband1 Scotland vs Spain

  23. BeastPS360 Says:

    downing is a great player

  24. MMAmachinhead92 Says:

    Guarantee if this went to extra time….Ghana would’ve won.

  25. 7europeanfootballer7 Says:

    nice video