23 thoughts on “Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich CL Final Promo

  1. at last one person who cares about that goal…
    by the way: i’m a bayern munich fan

  2. But the fact that robben isnt a legend is right. He does always the same dont know why you think hes so good. ribery is 100times better than him

  3. they were better because real wasn’t really good for quite a big part of the season, but in that final phase after they stabilized Madrid was clearely better than Barca

  4. after almost winning the game by scoring an offside goal themselves…

    of course it was sad, but nobody seams to care about Malaga having scored an offside 2:1

  5. hey I’m not hating but just giving objective comments

    overall deserved, but not every goal was clean..

  6. When a player does what Ribery did it doesn’t matter if it was on purpose

    just an objective remark

    the bad thing is dante was the only thing the ref could see, yet no yellow..

    P.S. in contrary to the finals from 2011 (United had no chance) and 2012 (Chelsea had no chance) this year both teams deserved it

  7. Three CL final appearances in four years, dominated two of the favourites to win the tournament in Barcelona and Juventus; and they don’t deserve it? What are you smoking?

  8. Talking about offside…I assume you also feel bad for Malagas second goal then? Nothing sweeter than a hypocritical youtube-user…

  9. How can you just think they are better? The league table tells the truth: Barca was better than Real this year, there’s no “thinking” to it.

  10. I still feel sad for Malaga. Getting knocked out of the tournament by an offside winning goal is just too bad.

  11. The most beautiful thing about this all is: 2 games vs Juventus, 2 games against Barça, 4 in total… 12 goals scored by Bayern, 0 goals scored by Barça and Juve in all 4 games. Best team in the world without a fucking doubt.

  12. If they lost then they don´t deserve it.You need to make most out of your chances and they didn´t, Bayern did which shows Bayern deserved to win it.Also, Bayern had more possession and shots, again, another fact which shows Bayern deserved to win.Yes, Dante should have been sent off, but the same goes to Lewandowski as well.You should know that thanks to Bayern, Dortmund has these players and has got to this elite group of teams.

  13. no i dont say he is bad i like him hes one of my favorite players but i have to say it wasnt one of his best games

  14. so what? so you want to say he is bad? well, he is fighting for an important goal for his team.. and now he makes a goal and a assist in the final.. nothing is more beautiful than that in the final. ‘3 good chances without scoring’ is bullshit.

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