23 thoughts on “England Football Failure

  1. we are getting better in euro 2012 we drawed with france then beat everyone in our group so certainly we are progressing all we need to do now is a have a manager that focuses on penalties

  2. We will never make up for the lost time and humiliation; even Greece and Denmark have a better record than us in major championships

  3. its gets worse in 2010 world cup enegland were awful worse than any team in this video. and after scarping through an easy group they met Germany in the last 16 knockout phase and got destroyed 4-1. In 2012 european championships they played okay won their group. but met italy in the quarter finals and lost AGAIN ON PENALTIES FOR THE 6TH TIME IN 22 YEARS!! 1990, 1996, 1998, 2004, 2006, 2012 shocking. But you learn more from your failures than you do your success. ( lets hope we learn )

  4. HA-HA.I could watch this video over and over and laugh louder each time.So good to see ingerlund win fuck all year in year out.Maradona,what a hero same as all the other players who have shown ingerlund the door and sent their braindead,moronic fans home as well.HA HA and i’m ingerlish but i hate the stupid,braindead arsewipe so called shit game.Football sucks.

  5. Look at England’s past colonies (Canada, Australia, USA, the good parts of Africa, India) all largely successful countries. Now look at French, Spanish, Dutch former colonies. Largely failures (Vietnam, Mali, Chad, Congo, Algeria). Lot of civil wars, genocides, rebellions ect. There were alot worse countries for colonialism than Britain.

  6. Its simple Maths Germany, Italy, France , Spain and Holland have over 35,000 EUFA trained coaches England have less than 3,000. What have the richest FA in Europe done with the money . They are reason why Englands football team is a national embarrassment

  7. This is going to continue happening for the forseeable future untill we sort our grassroots and youth systems out. We dont teach modern day football anymore, the physical side of the game is dying out, in 10 years slide tackles will probably be called fouls, we need to start coaching technical skills, ball controll etc.

  8. At least they almost scored in those few chances. Had Glen Johnson and Danny Welbeck done better. Had Wayne Rooney had his bicycle kick on target.

  9. I think England simply needs to realise that they’re not a great football nation. The results in these videos aren’t bad ones, but you’re just not among the best. You’re not Germany and Italy, you’re Sweden and Portugal. You’re good, but not among the best. Try to stop getting your hopes up.

  10. At least England went down trying against Italy unlike France going out like wimps against Spain.

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