25 thoughts on “England Football Songs – Three lions + Back Home

  1. 2014 we will kick your asses back to your island. Podolski,Özil,Khedira,Klose,Gungogan,Müller,Reus,Götze Better Team and we can get a goal from 11 meters.

  2. 2014 we will show the world how good we are. Wilshere, Walcott, Ox, Sterling, Zaha, Sturridge, Lennon, Lampard, Gerrad. Great Team!°

  3. Wales for World Cup!!!!! Bale can carry us like he has with spurs 🙂 more chance seeing gazza not drinking

  4. If anyone says that germans can’t play Football he is just dumb and doesn’t understand it!

  5. Malta… a country without military. Beware of France even they have a chance of you!

  6. Ich mag die Engländer und auch deren Fußball. Mag alle Fußballnationen nur eine Person namens Ballotelli nicht 😉 2014 Freundchen!!!

  7. Ihr Deutschen könnt dafür nicht gegen die Italiener gewinnen!
    Also sei du mal ganz still!!!!

  8. The best players come from Argentina.
    The best Club comes from Spain.
    And the best Footbal song comes from England.

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