25 thoughts on “England Football Songs – Three lions + Back Home

  1. 2014 we will kick your asses back to your island. Podolski,Özil,Khedira,Klose,Gungogan,Müller,Reus,Götze Better Team and we can get a goal from 11 meters.

  2. 2014 we will show the world how good we are. Wilshere, Walcott, Ox, Sterling, Zaha, Sturridge, Lennon, Lampard, Gerrad. Great Team!°

  3. Wales for World Cup!!!!! Bale can carry us like he has with spurs 🙂 more chance seeing gazza not drinking

  4. Ich mag die Engländer und auch deren Fußball. Mag alle Fußballnationen nur eine Person namens Ballotelli nicht 😉 2014 Freundchen!!!

  5. The best players come from Argentina.
    The best Club comes from Spain.
    And the best Footbal song comes from England.

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