25 thoughts on “England Under 19’s Training Session

  1. ure quick ure strong u can do it all yea apart from controlling a game

  2. @Crazyalbokid1 Your comment is so pointless, England do not HAVE to win the
    world cup, tell us how you think they should win the world cup….

  3. Good Luck tonight boys. Maybe we can actually have an England footie side
    to be proud of. Can’t believe Capello isn’t going to watch them! Its not
    like he cant afford the ticket!

  4. It’s not the quality of the young English players that is the problem, it’s
    the mentality and the training methods which they pick up from the present
    generation which i worry about….it’s all about having fast players who
    don’t have a football brain. Kick and rush football…

  5. @shorey17 I agree but he since he is the left outside back he is trying to
    keep his body in between the ball and the other player. But I did notice
    there were times he should have used his other foot too.

  6. Keepers let in every goal hope they won’t be the next men’s national

  7. i love how they’ve only put this on to make us think there’s hope in the
    young english players…get real.

  8. @Crazyalbokid1 Yeah….but we need to start playing younger guys who are
    faster and more eager to play for their country and wont give up

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