25 thoughts on “England vs Holland 2-3, goals and official highlights

  1. That’s an insult to everyone who gave their life in WW2. People from africa died opening up a front to ease the eastern front. It wasn’t until 1944 until America arrived at the Western front and it had been a combination of the surrounding countries who held it for that long until they arrived, such as the French and Dutch. The Chinese, Australians and Indians helped in the pacific war to help America to allow them to join the war in Europe. Have some respect. They were Nazis not Germans btw

  2. Celts, Romans, Germanic Saxons, Scandinavian Vikings, the Scottish wars, French invasion and the most ironic of them all, the invasion of East Anglia by William’s Dutch army.

  3. I watched this game at Wembly and i’m telling you, you soon realise when you see it in the flesh, that Robben isn’t a human.

  4. @ phoenixUK… Very well said mate. Very well said!! But to those people insisting to talk about war. Every war is staged by the international banking elite. If this sounds strange to you, you really should educate yourself better. There are no winners!! (Except for the elite)

  5. Seriously, why the fuck does every single international highlights video have to turn into an argument which inevitably ends in national stereotyping and “which country would win in a war?” I remember enjoying this game while I was watching it so let’s just all enjoy the football! And, of course, well played Holland.

  6. you don’t see me complaining, I’m English and i expected us to loose to Holland because until the the next world cup they are the second best team in the world

  7. Haha so deluded! Typical English always have an excuse. We didn’t have him or him or him blah blah blah

  8. I don’t like the dutch, they are a dirty team. We didn’t even have Rooney, Gerrard or Lampard in this game, if we had these players England would have creamed holland.

  9. we’ve won 1 world cup ages ago, spain, holland and germany have achieved much more than us haha

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  11. When Roben pushes the ball on one side of the field then cuts it back inside to that magnificent left foot of his, you bet your ass he’s going for that far side low post and he will almost aways score.

  12. England might be shit at football but our history fucks over any other country with our achievements. America, Spain, holland, Germany don’t make me laugh.

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  14. lets be clear, USA and Russia won world war 2. Germany wasn’t that great anyways, they did have Italy on their side in Europe and the USA had to worry about Japan in the pacific campaign as well. basically, USA> Germany. and if they had the same amount of soldiers, Russia>Germany

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