24 thoughts on “England vs Scotland 3-2 Official Highlights @ Wembley

  1. How would Scotland not do well out the union?Scotland is subsidising the rest of the UK bye 0.6% we raise 9.9% for 8.4% of the population and get only 9.3% back.We also pay higher taxes £10.690 to £8.997 for the rest of the UK average.Scotland has a deficit of 5% of the GDP compared to 7.9% of for the UK.Our national over draft would be lower with Independence.Additional spending would be 4.4 billion annually more than 3800 for every skull.Indy Alba would be 8th richest in world,UK is 17th

  2. Wrong the spotters spotted them,and called up the rader that then was guided into them,the Germans used a totally different system that was not effective copied from downed planes,they never maaged to copy it effectivly especially night fighters

  3. Ha you Scot’s have say in our own English laws we don’t in Scotland so what do you think of that?You do know England did not want the union just like the Scot’s but it happened.If Scotland did not help England against France or Spain and they won Scotland would be next so did not just benefit England.Let’s be honest Scotland would not do well out of the union truth I know that many Scot’s know that.If it happens good if not that’s called tough titties.

  4. Argies were colonists Spanish Colonists they think they owned it because Falklands is right next to Argentina if it worked like that then France belongs to Spain Poland belongs to Germany ect. and Russia would just be greedy indeed the Spanish are hypocrites. 

  5. Heinrich Hertz invented radar. Both England and Scotland improved it.
    It was used in the battle of Britain, but it was only good at close range. Basically you could hear the Luftwaffe coming before radar spotted them. This is why they had listening posts doted around the south of England to listen out for enemy planes crossing the channel.

  6. But he didn’t invent it though did he? Someone else invented it and Watts just used that idea.
    You need to realise that Scotland and England are better when working together.

  7. Just like a Scot helped Stevenston make the steam engine,Watt is the guy that has the credit for inventing it.

  8. Yeah the Argies think that the Falklands belong to them, even though Patagonia, the land the Argies stole, is more closely located to the Islands.
    Those Spanish are hypocrites, and now complain about Britain controlling Gibraltar, whilst they themselves control stolen territories in north Africa.

  9. Speak for yourself Scotland would have had trade routes with the rest of the world,and have been venture capitalists if England had not stuck there oar in and stopped the plan.When they pushed for the union,so Scots could fight Spain and France in your wars.Without the union we would have done better,especially since the oil was found.And before that we ad coal,still got coal at least 300 years worth left.Add that to the mineral wealth,like quartz,Granite slate,gold,think we would have been fine

  10. The Spanish don’t steal the fish from Gibraltar lol. They having permission to fish their just like they have permission to fish here within British waters.

  11. Gibraltar is ours we won that years ago they “want” it back because their country is fucked there taking their minds off how fucked their country is can’t you see that.Steal fish?-_- wow Argentina are the sam Spanish colonists trying to take which they did have in the first place we were there long before they were no one owned the Falklands and our people are on there

  12. A Scot didn’t invent radar, and you will find that the radar technology that was developed here by the Scot worked alongside an Englishman, and in my county of Northamptonshire.

  13. Nope Scotland is 4 years they have a primary 7 while in the UK year 7 is secondary school

  14. Nope Scotland is 4 years they have a primary 7 while in the UK year 7 is secondary school

  15. The sun set on the Empire years ago,even the Spanish have no respect for this nation any more,and steal the fish from Gibraltar.Remember Scotland voted for a chance to have a say if they want to stay British or be a Independent Scottish nation again like we used to be,before UK or England were even nations.Its how long our history goes back,

  16. So what if it was just because Scot invented does not mean every Scotsman invented it wooped te do.We are both good together we would not be where we are without the empire harsh fact and now you Scot’s want out good luck

  17. Radar was used in the Battle of Britain,chain home system.And Hugh Dowding the Battle of Britain leader was from Edinburgh.World wide web is disputed the Yanks say there Gov made it,and Traver Bernard Lee also had other people working on it,he was part of a team who were behind it.Still it would be no good without the phone and TV,all inventions of Scots.

  18. Just because your blood is not similar to England does not mean you are like us culture and blood got nothing to do with it actually North of England share the same so……Most places in the UK love their football it’s something we got in common.

  19. Again that is also been proven wrong from DNA scans,we share our blood lines with Norway.And we are closer in culture and tradition to Ireland than we are to England.Even if we share the same TV shows and media.Only the north east is a bit similar and that is only as parts of it used to be part of Scotland right down to Lancashire.And Liverpool is a lot like Glasgow,same type of dark humour.And both Cities love there football like a religion.

  20. You speak to some people here and they speak with a public school boy English type accent. Then you have the thick Scottish type accent, then the accent inbetween.

  21. Our empire that includes Scotland you guys were heads of the Empire like England fuck Scotland and England were the same more than the Welsh same in I know they done bad shit but that’s life shit happens Mongolians done it Romans done it French,Spanish we are not the only ones yeah we may have been the biggest ever but still

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