24 thoughts on “FIFA 14 DEMO GAMEPLAY ON LEGENDARY ► FC Barcelona vs PSG (FC Paris St. Germain) ᴴᴰ

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  2. how is correct to say ever or always? i want say i always watch your videos, sorry if i cause a misunderstanding ad00nis, i comment ever and is always, sorry for my english.

    Regards from Mexico!

  3. I always watch your videos I want speak, sorry for my mistake, I not speak well English yet, sorry for my bad english

  4. Thanks, you have a maximum fan xD, I hope with forward your next videos, I ever watch your videos, continue so, congratulations again, excellent work! your videos now are famous! and I hope too will you do a team with DhasorGamer, and I am thinking too in make FIFA 14 videos, when this is released! with moddingway mods too!

  5. Thanks and Congratulations for your 2nd video FC Barcelona mate, what do you think for your next video, one more until FIFA 14 full released? :), you have a great voice I am surprise xD, I never was listen your real voice. you have as Kazakhstan accent!

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