25 thoughts on “Football is coming home (Three lions on a shirt) England football song

  1. dear englishmans pls help to Kazakstan football! we want to be a football country. And we want will be a Jules Remates cup owner!!!

  2. when England fans say best fans we normally mean in terms of noise thats what we really base how good your fans are here

  3. I love football, its brilliant, real football. Its my favorite sport, and I get very intimate when I include myself in something pertaining it. The fans are more interesting that’s for sure, and the game is fantastic. Baseball is alright I suppose, I play it well enough here in America, but it truly isn’t as interesting to watch. I was just talking about the specific dedication. You should look up the Chicago Cubs sometime if you don’t know about them, just to see what I meant with the fans here

  4. Well in terms of noise, any big Football teams in Europe are fantastic, I was speaking of dedication. The Chicago Cubs has fans that are the most dedicated and real, and the best in my opinion. The Cubs haven’t even been the World Series for over a hundred years. They are amazing to stick with a team on such a drought.

  5. we could both go on how each fan is better then the other but baseball is bigger in america then britain. the same priciple applies for football. America just will never embrace football, partly because you have a different name for it.

  6. Uh, no sir, sorry. The best fans in the world would be the Chicago Cubs fans in America for the sport of Baseball, but I can see what you mean either way. I wish your team good luck in 2014.

  7. if england fans start singing “footballs coming home” in the euros 2012 or “we’re singing for England, Eng-a-land!” in the stands then there is no doubt i will be at home!! Love international football!!

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