25 thoughts on “Giles, Brady and Dunphy on Barcelona’s 7-0 defeat to Bayern Munich

  1. After the show they all removed their shirts to reveal their Barcelona kits, and then began violently sobbing.

  2. The biggest thing with barcelona is that they signed jordi alba and kept playing dani alves. You can’t those two playing at the same time because they both run up wings and leave the doors too wide open for counters. How did tito not see this?? the freaking madrid games were a huge clue and even throughout the season. Plus they need to rest messi more…he never gets rested and eventually ends up picking up injuries. He is human so they shouldn’t play him every game just cause of the fans!

  3. john giles meant that Bayern have never dominated europe, like barca have the last few years, he didnt mean they never won the CL etc,

  4. Eamon – what are you talking about “I won’t hear people talk about this Bayern team in the same breath as Barcelona”. That’s a ridiculous comment. 7:0 over two legs puts paid to any doubts over the pedigree of this Bayern side.

  5. yeah, they are a one man team, at least in scoring goals…

    man, the only player with a two diggit goal account

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