25 thoughts on “Inspirational England football video || Euro 2012 no more || We still believe (motivational)

  1. “We have not won as many tournaments as we should have done”.. that funny,
    because u shouldnt have won the only cup you have in the first place..
    remember that “goal” in 66? Anyways.. i like England but i hardly think
    this world cup is going back to Europe… good luck tho!

  2. im sorry but at 32 gerrard still has the fitness the ability and even the
    pace to still get past players pick out those decisive passes and defend
    with all his heart. You sir are an idiot to think he is not an
    inspirational captain

  3. Telling him to learn English is quite silly if his first language isn’t
    English. He’s not telling you to learn how to speak his nations language,
    is he?

  4. Haha another cunt who can’t take the truth. This breed of England fans
    sickens me to the stomach.

  5. We never have and never will stop believing, the problem with us is it
    means more to the fans than it means to the players.

  6. That video has made the grieving process easier, made me realize we took
    some big strides this tournament and i am proud to be English and i willl
    always have faith in the English national football team, god save the queeen

  7. ”no money in the world can buy a white england shirt”………….. thats
    a lie! it’s £20 at JD sports

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