25 thoughts on “Iran v England football question – Omid Djalili comedy stand up – BBC

  1. @2000shiften I’m sure there’s some truth in what you’re saying and a bit of
    the racial stuff he does is hard to take but I swear that a guy I know went
    into a Turkish kebab shop when he was drunk and made some kind of negative
    remark about Iraq and my friend, who’s gran is West Indian, says he’s been
    referred to as Pakistani before (although maybe not actually paki, I’m not
    sure), so that kind of thing does happen. Saying that though, I know that
    Brits do laugh at words like Paki and wop.

  2. @randommovieguys no you look at it! Ian is some guys name. Iran is about
    the oldest country on the planet.

  3. Decription of this video: Who would Omid Djalili support in a —> Ian <--- vs England football match? Watch this funny clip from his stand up show on the BBC to find out! Contains strong language. Fail lol

  4. Ian vs England? I’d pay money to see Ian Hislop play against the England
    first eleven. What is wrong with the BBC uploaders?

  5. @Bucketheadhead thats stereotypical… i know quite a few skinheads who
    like ethnic people, and are actually quite friendly

  6. Iran is the best, but a FREE IRAN, without the dictatorship of khamenei, in
    1998 Mojahedin of Iran had all the seats in the Stadium and BBC showed
    nothing of that, the power of the Iranian people who wants to overthrow the
    dictatorship of the mullahs. Viva Freedom Viva Rajavi Viva PMOI Viva

  7. @PapGripDezi STFU loser. Maybe if you go back to your step-dad’s bed. He
    waiting for you.

  8. lol, c’mon England fans, you know he has to support Iran! There’s no going
    against your roots in football.

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