25 thoughts on “John Lydon On The England Football Team

  1. Never new you were a Gunners fan, Mr Lydon…my love for you is even
    greater, sir if that was possible

  2. Calling hockey ‘high class’, are you dumb or just ignorant?, a sport where
    people beat the shit out of each other, there’s no class there retard.

  3. Whatever you call it, it’s a sport for stupid and poor people. Kick a ball
    around a field. Yay. (Yawn).

  4. You’re an exceedingly interesting specimen my dear friend – like a bear
    struggling hopelessly with a 4-piece puzzle of a fish.

  5. As far as the question about who to kick off the plane- i would off kicked
    the fucking pilot off!!!……let the rest of the fucking shite plummet.

  6. OMG John Lydon/ Johnny Rotten never seen the Beatles or Mick Jagger taking
    on this late night football debate slot …..gummy ugly balding fool was it
    a late minute booking John?.. or had u just finished the creamy spunky
    butter advert

  7. He’s great, yeah they lost the war, but definitely not against England,
    anyway what counts is who wins on the pitch …

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