25 thoughts on “Real Madrid vs Al-Sadd 5-0 All Goals & Full Highlights HD

  1. perez is the most stupid manger i had ever seen!!a club like ral madrid with one striker!!and going to sell him also.to buy bale why!!u have many players in the same position.we need defenders,strikers,wings you stupide not mid fuuck.about iker.lopez is doing good job iker is not iker any more if he want tobe the first keeper he shoul work more.why spanish people just give old players the proirity to play even if they are bad?!just look to kaka hes not complainig bcz he know hes not in the form

  2. Raul returned to Real Madrid for the first half of the game. Ronaldo handed over the number 7 to him for that time with joy. He’s still on Al Sadd

  3. If he’s allowed to grow I believe you’re right, question is if he will get the necessary playtime.

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