23 thoughts on “USA vs England “Football Passion”

  1. aussie football is rugby and that’s bigger than usa football I play rugby and football(soccer) cant stand usa football its just for criminal’s

  2. It makes me laugh re- the (British Rugby off-shoot game) called American Football and maybe the Canadians play it too. As for the rest of the World… we play Football, so all I would ask of the North Americans is this call our game….World Football as that is what it is played with feet and the rest of the World playes it…Simple!.

  3. I’m British, can’t stand Soccer (Football), played it, watched it, can’t stand it. To be honest I was to big for our Football, standing at 6′ ‘5 and at 234 pounds. I play American football, now that’s a mans sport. Go London Blitz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow. Thank you, Carol Coulson. I’ve never seen the internet work like that. I expected something totally different in response. You are a welcomed and refreshing youtube anomaly.

  5. Do you have the same problem with Aussie football calling it “football”? I could see how American football could seem boring if you were neutral or didn’t understand the rules. However, when you do understand the sport and have close emotional ties with a club the sport can be very entertaining. If you compare it to your football then you will never enjoy it because it’s too much a part of you. Your football is jazz and constantly evolving art. Our football is rugby mixed with chess match.

  6. Football played with feet , American football mainly played with hands lol british football worldwide , American football not worldwide lol british football entertaining American football booorrriiinnggg

  7. Hahaha, look at all these butthurt Europeans. I’ve got news for you. American football is an awesome sport. So is European football. There’s no reason to hate one or the other. They aren’t even similar sports. Get your head out of your ass for a second and you might find you enjoy them both.

    Also of note: the American football teams presented here are college teams. Amateurs. This isn’t even their job and they still pack stadiums with crazy fans. Just something to keep in mind. 🙂

  8. american football: 1 hour of preperation parades cheerleaders n dacer for 4seconds of sport a min break nd ad and then re do it again

  9. @DallasSkyline1327 It’s called football ( because we use our feet ) and there is a reason it’s the number one sport on the planet!

  10. hahaha fat americans are dumb as fuck and what is this shit american football sport, its for pussys who dont want to get hurt! + nfl fans have no passion.

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