Vote: What Rules Should Change In The Premier League?

IFAB discusses one-shot sanctions and conscious handball rules. ‘One-shot’ penalty issues, new handball rules, limited changes in injury time – what laws must be changed in football? The International FA Board (IFAB) – the body governing football laws – meets this week to consider possible changes and discuss whether to submit proposals for their annual meeting in March or not.

Among the reported changes discussed are “one-shot” sanctions and clearance of handball. New penalty issues may mean that if a penalty is saved or returned from the post, the ball will be “dead” and a goal kick will be given. Under these new rules, Paul Pogba would not have had the chance to score his penalty against Everton last month after Jordan Pickford rescued his first move.

Potential rule changes

  • ‘One-shot’ punishment

The ball is ‘dead’ if it is saved or hits the post from a penalty.

  • Handball

Players will be penalized for hand movement or arm toward the side of the ball.

  • Limited subs

The team manager will be allowed to make the only limited amount of changes, or none, in injury time.

  • Closer subs

Substitutes would go away from the nearest touchline instead of the technical area. Current handball rules punish players for “deliberate” handball, but the definition of “conscious” is often discussed so that a potential solution may be to award a free kick or penalty if a referee considers a player’s hand or arm to be in an unnatural position, although it could again be down for interpretation.

Another rule that could be discussed in an effort to reduce the time spent is that every player that is substituted has to go away from the nearest touchline rather than go to the technical area. The advisory panels can also check whether or not replacements should be stopped or restricted in an attempt in a try that time waste does not happen.