25 thoughts on “Bayern Munich 5 – 1 Borussia Mönchengladbach | GOALS | 21.07.2013

  1. MacPoney huh, I always say that to my friends; I wondered if anyone else worked it out because they rob your whole team’s defence

  2. hab dir daumen nach oben nd abo gegeben bitte darf ich dein Video kopieren und dann verendern ich muss bayern ehre retten

  3. The Robben jokes are getting really annoying. Of course, he is a selfish player, but despite that he is a really good passer.

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  5. i guess that’s why they can’t win when he doesn’t play, like that 7-0 against bayern, only messi was missing.

  6. Usually play 4231 with ribery left muller cam robben right and Mandzukic up top, will change a lot as they have quite a few midfielders

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