23 thoughts on “FC Barcelona – Qatar Airways and FCB. A team that unites the world

  1. Xavi is at the end when they come out of the tunnel pause it and youll see his kit number

  2. F.I.F.A. World Cup B.r.a.z.i.l. 2014
    W.O.R.L.D F.O.O.T.B.A.L.L.]
    1. Football In : A.f.r.i.c.a.
    2. Football In : A.m.e.r.i.c.a.
    3. Football In : A.s.i.a.
    4. Football In : E.u.r.o.p.a.
    5. Football In : O.c.e.a.n.i.a.
    The Biggest Sport Event In The Universe
    Less Than One Year : F.I.F.A. World Cup 2014
    Football The World’s G.a.m.e:

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