25 thoughts on “Borussia Dortmund 4:2 FC Bayern Munich SUPERCUP FINAL | All Goals & Highlights 27.07.2013

  1. Neuer was injured, and as far as I know, I Think the other were benched, or something, so don’t bitch about Neuer

  2. Dortmund’s style in this match was tactically superior. Guardiola had adjusted Bayern’s system to fight last season’s Dortmund – but hadn’t expected Dortmund entirely different pressing strategy.
    In other words, this Bayern WOULD have beaten last year’s Dortmund. But this isn’t last year’s Dortmund. Klopp is a genius.
    This was a fascinating match on a tactical level.

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  4. And anyway, dortmund did all of this from bankruptcy 5 yrs ago. Bayern have millions stacked away like roman abramovich so I think we have worked much harder to be top of the league than the spaniards, I mean bayern #fails .

  5. All those glory bayern supporters …. Show some true passion and support the best atmospheric team with better fans than crystal palace !!!! Top of the league !!!!!!! Heja BVB

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  7. The past? It’s not that far away. Bayern played without Neuer, Lahm, Ribéry. 😀 And the DFL-Supercup isn’t even close to the CL-finale, where Bayern destroyed Dortmund.

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  9. didn’t care much about the cup ?
    hahahah, they have lost that’s fact!
    Triple yes, that’s the past 🙂
    Who is on top of the table ? – Yeees, Borussia Dortmund!
    Heja BVB – Echte Liebe!

  10. Ob man nun für die Bayern oder den BVB ist, völlig egal.
    Dieses und viele weitere Spiele sprechen in jedem Fall für die Bundesliga und die deutschen Teams! Auf einander rumhacken können die meisten hier schon recht gut, respektvoll miteinander umgehen eher weniger.

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