25 thoughts on “Real Madrid Vs Al-Saad Sports Club (5-0) – Full Matches

  1. No body hate messi every body love him because he’s a great soccer player except real madrid fans who hate him who cares if they hate they aren’t go fuck all of them messi forever.

  2. football wont be the same without the eternal # 7(Raul) too sad great players such as him and many other have to retired,they leave me with great memories of spectacular matches and plays that i can still recall as it has been today and now all i got to say is thanks.soon it will be Del Piero to say goodbye(Juventus fan)

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  4. Why in the world hasn’t some one made a raul individual highlights? They make one for ROnaldo, isco and such but they don’t make one for our legend. What a disgrace these hipster football fans are these days!

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