25 thoughts on “England Football Song – Vindaloo

  1. Football is shit. 90% of it’s fans are obese repressed homosexuals, or pseudo patriots.

  2. Does anyone see any irony in the fact that Keith Allen who wrote and perfomed in this is…WELSH!

  3. This song gets me pumped up for footie, every year… Other Americans over here don’t know what they’re missing out on… Glory, glory, Man United!

  4. …..Look at this bonehead’s comment for instance and it gets a fair amount of thumbs up from other boneheads.

  5. I might personally go elsewhere because this video has not produced a single comment maker with a decent amount of wit or class which has made it all so unfruitful in my search for a decent battle of wits. It’s frustrating to plant seeds and the best the rabble here can come up with is “Do you mind taking you’re dickhead somewhere else…”, It seems that England’s working, lower to lower middle class should be referred to as the sewage class when it comes to wit.

  6. Because I’m English and therefore have met many English people and we don’t hate Yanks but when it comes to people like you who try to convince me that America it’s annoying and makes the person who said aka you, look biased towards that certain subject, I mean where would you be without Britain? your country wouldn’t even exist and how about the Internet that we created? then how would you post your Red-neck comments?

  7. You didn’t answer the following from my last set……..
    Could you also explain how you are able to summarize all these people’s feelings without having spoken to them about the topic?

  8. Whom do you think you are speaking for when you say, “we”?
    Could you provide a break down of the sub-groups or let me know if you mean a entire country?
    Could you also explain how you are able to summarize all these people’s feelings without having spoken to them about the topic?

  9. We run the world for the benefit of the imbeciles who are not American but you are not expected to understand that you riff raff rabble.

  10. Shut the fuck up yankie who invented the English language? and what would you know about honour? Invading countries for oil and shit.

  11. Well then do yourself a favour and fuck off we don’t want Yanks telling us how “great” they are because it’s not true and obviously biased and this video has nothing to do with politics because it’s a FOOTBALL song.

  12. Yes, we expect to find some sensible people roaming the internet to pass on the great knowledge within American Imperialism that you have to swallow, whether you like it or not! 🙂

  13. Why do Yanks click on a video about England, I mean what do you expect, people to agree with you?

  14. Before 1776, the United States of America was not a country. The individual states were colonies of Great Britain. They were called British Colonies. This means that the King and Parliament of Great Britain ruled the United States. The Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 men. So, we’ve pretty much ruled your now called “America” country for years.

    Like what “ilikecars23wow” said. Internet was indeed invented by a British man. Sorry, but America is nothing if you look back.

  15. Take it down a notch there pal. The Union began over a hundred years before James VI. It began with James IV marrying Margaret Tudor by Treaty. This led to the Union a hundred years later as it bonded the family. Scotland was more powerful than England at the time and England needed them as allies rather than enemies. James VI was the only rightful heir after the inbred Tudors fertility failed. I’d like to point out that colonies were already established during Elizabeth I reign before James VI

  16. Liverpool supporter here so i’m already Red n White like my blood … but … we all like a bit of Blue 😉

  17. Hardly as it was King James VI of Scotland who instigated the Union, as well as the hilarious Plantation of Ulster and the New World.

  18. Hahaha England doesn’t care about anyone. Not even the Scots or Welsh. England used the Stuarts money and armies. Only reason for the Crown Union. It went back to English priority then.

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