25 thoughts on “FIFA 14 Gameplay – Real Madrid vs Juventus

  1. What would be sprint? see that’s the thing slowly you would change every control if that was the case.. easier doing this.. and you can still hold L2 and have to when you use a 5 star skiller friend 🙂

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  3. I know I would of rather they left it the same as am every fifa.. L2 for skills. I don’t see the point I changing it :S

  4. Cool video mate, would you mind entering a Ultimate team giveaway on my channel, its a joke compotition 🙂 really enjoying your videos

  5. Lol, nice to see someone subs because of my music taste =]

    I do like the demo, but there are some issues that ruins the gameplay for me, why did they not use the R2 for shielding the ball and let L2 be the skill move trigger again.. It’s unnecessary.

  6. Subbed cause of the song… Anyways.. This year’s Fifa is a real gem! Its got all the graphics of the 13 and they tweeked the player’s reactions and now it’s way more realistic how the players handle the ball and react to different situations.

  7. is it the demo version or the full as a i saw your origin account . you had two games fifa 13 and 14 demo . but the thing is that how u got real madrid in fifa 14 demo

  8. Music isn’t bad but you aren’t that good at this game lol. What difficulty were you playing on?

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