25 thoughts on “Exclusive Pitchside highlights, San Marino vs England 0-8

  1. Only? you do realise even San Marino team admitted England didn’t play there best because they felt sorry for them.

  2. Their keeper has awful positioning he’s in the wrong place every time when the balls been crossed!

  3. San Marino’s players have regular day jobs like bankers and taxi drivers and we only beat them 5-0 and 8-0


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  5. Oh lol he’s a right back. Guess lennon and walcott comparison irrelevant then. He was in their position all night tho. Glen johnson is great tho. He darts into the centre though when going forward tho. Both good options.

  6. That walker is decent. Id always seen his face in premiership but assumed he was north african lol sods law that he will be left out in future tho. Walcott and lennon are just as good tho.

  7. San Marino sucks ass! If Spain plays with them, they’ll win 39-0, cuz San Marino is the most SHIT team in the world!

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