23 thoughts on “Pep Guardiola First Training Tiki Taka With Fc Bayern München 26/06/2013

  1. Does it matter? The past is the past. Present is that Bayern is the best team in Europe

  2. Are you retarded or something?Bayern won 3 CL in a row in the 70s and Barca is yet to win 2 CL in a row.Barca won in 2006,2009,2011 and sometime in the 1980s I think.

  3. Barca are awesome no denying that! But its just that bayern has its own stlye of play which worked better than this so they should stick with that!

  4. this is “standard passing” training… oh now i see why barca was barca. This tiki taka they are atempting looks very sloppy and not well applied. I can now see why you say its “Standard passing training”, because it definitely doesn’t look like tiki taka.

  5. What. Win 4 league titles, 2 Cup titles, and 2 UCL titles. Winning a Treble almost twice ( Runner up in 10-11 for the Spanish Cup). Guardiola won a total of 15 cups in just 5 years. One fucking year and you guys think you’re king shit. Remember the year before? Where they didn’t win a single trophy. Or how about the year before that where again they didnt win a single trophy. They were Dortmund’s bitch for two years straight and probably still would be had they not sold key players.

  6. The diffrence between Bayern and Barca is that Bayern have players like Ribery, Robben that will always, what ever you change about the team, try to get past players and go inside and shoot. This makes Bayern’s way of playing much more fun to watch than Barcelona’s tiki taka.

  7. almost every proper team in any league does this! its nothing new. We do it almost every training! Even when i was in my early teens back in the days we used to do it. This essential for awareness and the finesse of your pass and ball control. Plus its a good warm up and it could turn into a workout for the men in the middle if intensity and duration increases.

  8. I think maybe that’s why Bayern hired Pep, to make Bayern play like Barca, otherwise they should just keep Heynckes

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  10. Tiki Taka sucks, i think it makes football boring.. the original bayern is way better..

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