25 thoughts on “FC Barcelona – Champions League’s Final 2006: FC Barcelona v Arsenal 2-1

  1. Barca players are not trained for dives as they only have the habit of paying the refrees… and creating hand ball specialists like Pique…

  2. Who care who think the “better” team was… Barca still won it and thats what matters

  3. erm, why dosn’t it show the incident that resulted in Lehmann’s red card? just see him walking off for no apparent reason

  4. Deserve it or not…this is football. The luck is one of the most important factor in a game (not only in this sport). So deal with it

  5. and you’re telling me Barca doesnt dive look at them if the wind is to strong they will practically call it a game

  6. Bitch please, the goal may have been a dive but we kicked their asses up and down the field, they never deserved a w in that game

  7. – What does a Gunners fan do when his team has won the Champions League?

    – He turns off the PlayStation.

  8. Que momentazo a un me acuerdo de Belleti, ese gol cambió la historia del Barça Visca el Barça!

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