25 thoughts on “FC Bayern Munich – Season review | 2012/13 HD

  1. but it’s true people hate bayern you know why? because they are jealous of the best team in the world. bye guys i’m going to drink a 7up.

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  4. How is Bayern the most hated? If anything, it is probably the most loved, and I’m not even a Bayern Munich fan… They have just won the Treble and doesn’t even regards themselfes as the best club in the world.

  5. only because all the other clubs aren’t intelligent enough to earn so much money like bayern and aren’t able to get such good players for less money !

  6. I think Ribéry should win the BALON D’OR, because he is a fantastic player and hes not selfish like “Cristiano Ronaldo” (SORRY CR7 FAN’S). And he has gone big things in he’s life Like the “Car Crash” and losing he’s parent’s when he was 2. #RESPECT <3

  7. They were shattered last year… They came back humbled and became champions, that’s MY team right there!

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