25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale Official Presentation At Real Madrid | Full Presentation at Real Madrid (2013) HD

  1. And for that reason alone, Real Madrid will not win The Champions League Trophy and if that does happen, I’D BE SHOCKED !!!

  2. yea thats why “shit” teams like athletic bilbao trashed manchester united the epl champions

  3. yeah but the prices now are higher. Ronaldo is not worth 90 millions like in the past. Hes much more expensive than bale. Bale set the transfer record so far and not as the most expensive player current. Thats a diffrence 🙂

  4. whatever his price , madrid would refunded him in 6 months not more like they did with cr7 just with his t-shirt selling, btw sorry for my english, i’m french XD

  5. He doesn’t wear undies on Tuesdays cos he usually goes to your place where you have your mouth wide open and ready for some French cuisine!

  6. “Bale is a guy who just takes on the whole team and run past defenses and score”
    Really? That’s new. How many of Tottenham’s matches have you watched in your whole life? 2? 3? Don’t try to talk about someone you don’t know anything about, thanks.

  7. For someone with “no great skill”, getting recognized twice as the best player of PL by the other players of PL isn’t too bad, don’t you think so?

  8. Shut up Bale the best watch him play for Real Madrid cant wait! 🙂 David Beckhan cant play football but he is a good role model an person that’s it…

  9. Agreed but Bale I can’t lie I would rather have Bale Now than even Becham in his prime….all Becks was good for was his crossing and free-kicks while Bale offers a lot more than that. I think Bale now will be forced to change his game and stop trying to emulate CR7 literally (Hairstyle & f.kick pose with legs wide lol) aswel as on the pitch too he’s going to have to be a lot less selfish and play more for CR7’s game than his own. Di Maria & Ozil played for CR7, Isco & Bale won’t nearly as much

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