24 thoughts on “HD Mario Mandzukic amazing goal Eintracht vs Bayern Munich 0-1 17-08-2013 Goals Highlights

  1. Bayern beat Dortmund in german supercup last year, then tied twice in bundesliga,beat them in the dfb pokal semifinal, then beat them again in champions league final. Of course Dortmund has to win at least one game. LOL LOL even Barca looses to Madrid at times, and fyi people say Bayern is superior to Barca because they played more then one game YOU IDIOT. So far Bayern have beaten barca not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES IN A ROW. FYI IF I AM BRAINLESS I WILL BE DEAD…. YOU MORON!

  2. Dortmund won vs Bayern the last Time, so ofcourse Bayern isn’t better. You Bayernfags and your fail logic. Winning vs Barcelona = Bayern is better, but losing vs Dortmund = Bayern is still better. Seems legit. LMAO! All the Titles doesn’t seem to be justified to me, after seeing how they got destroyed by Dortmund the last Game.And please, stop trying to talk German, you fail at it. And it’s fucking “than” not “then”. Learn the difference. You can’t even use comma and period correctly. LOL.

  3. Que mal pep nose q esta haciendo “quiere inventarse el agua tibia”, si quiere hacerlos jugar como el barca esta retrocediendo pq la temporada anterior heynckes demo un futbol rapido y agresivo q fue capaz de romper el esquema del tiqui taca del todopodeoso barca y ademas el equipo estaba recontraarmado si queria reforzar con gotze,thiago bien pero de suplentes; y luis gustavo dejarlo ir esta loco si fue uno de los artifices de la champions.

  4. your point about Dortmund being better then Bayern have been completely shutdown, you have no smart comeback so you’re now telling me to dickride. LOL. I have been Bayern Munchen fan through thick and thin. It’s always the people that say ” you wont be a fan of this team in the future” that dickride through teams that are living their glory times. i werden und wird immer ein FC Bayern München Fan zu sein, MIA SAN MIA

  5. Dickride more. You won’t be Bayern Munich Fan in the near Future, since they won’t be so successful this Time.

  6. who has set the record for winning the bundesliga with 6 games to spare? who has set the record for the least goals conceded in a season? who has set the record for the most goals scored in a season? who is the only german team to win the treble? who has set the record for not loosing a single game away from home? who has set the record for the best first half of the season? who has set the record for winning the bundesliga with 25 points clear from second place team?THATS RIGHT BAYERN MUNICH

  7. Do you even watch Football? Just because they don’t have expesnive Players and aren’t often in the Media as Bayern Munich, doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Now gtfo, fanboy.

  8. Eintracht is not the same as Braunschweig ,Frankfurt is a tough team don’t make this comparisons and still Dortmund struggled against braunschweig.

  9. Where did you get this idea in your dreams Bayern beat Dortmund 2 1 in Champions League Final so how does this makes Dortmund better?

  10. Whatever you say, Dortmund is still the best. Im not even a Dortmund Fan, dude. But they are simply better than Bayern Munich. Bayern is better according to the Media, but in reality, Dortmund is. Deal with it.

  11. and Dortmund had a stroll in the park vs recently promoted braunschweig? ever since Dortmund made finals in champions league there has been a lot of bandwagons. Bayern and Dortmund fans aren’t like real Madrid and baarca fans where they insult each other. now youre clearly a bandwagon so piss off.

  12. Um Dortmund is, actually. Bayern even struggled vs Frankfurt. They would’ve lost even 2:1 . Stupid Fanboys lmao.

  13. Biosade don’t get butt hurt due to the fact that Bayern is the best team in the planet you fucking low life piece of shit.. -_-

  14. A win is a win regardless, if your team is obviously beating the other team with a goal advantage its still considered a victory as long as the match ends, plus who cares about the score dont expect any team to completely destroy the opponent like how Bayern does it… MIA SAN MIA!!! 5 UCL ♥♥♥♥♥

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