23 thoughts on “Lionel Messi vs Bayern Munich (A) 13-14 HD 720p by CriRo7i

  1. the reason he didnt play as well as usual is cuz he is probaly still recovering from his injury and he already scored against bayern

  2. People need to understand something Messi is the best player in the world Pele said it Maradona said who else needs to say it.

  3. VIDEO: Lionel Messi – Ball, Football, Game /watch?v=BRl8ouZjYas #Messi #fcblive #FCB #Football

  4. la verdad no me gusta nada la gente que hace videos como tu que hacen un video de 6 minutos y la primera jugada no aparece sino hasta el min 3, uno pierde tiempo viendo lo del principio q no sale nada bueno

  5. u wannabe experts suck so hard .. ronaldo and messi r both great but different player types .. u cant even compare them .. so stfu and just enjoy them playing football.

  6. what ? the only time Ronaldo faced Bayern munich was in the champions league semifinals 2012 and scored 2 goals the same amount that messi has scored officially and seriously where the fuck did messi scored 12 goals and Ronaldo 16 goals against Bayern munch get your facts straight.

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