25 thoughts on “Highlights AC Milan 4-2 Real Madrid

  1. Lucky we didn’t have modric,bale,benzema,rodrigues,sergio ramos and marcelo
    playing or the score would be alot different.

  2. Why can’t Milan play like this in the serie a? Totally outplayed Real
    Madrid in this game. It just goes to show that this Milan team is capable
    of destroying anyone in Europe if they want to. Their only problem is they
    are too lazy and no real commitment

  3. الله يسعدك يبو جاسم كل هالشغل والتعب بدون مقابل .. شكراً من القلب

  4. Chiudi questa canale e meglio per i veri tifosi del milan!!!!!!! Petizione
    contro Berlusconi

  5. *Ac Milan 4 -2 Real Madrid*

    #RMA #AcMilan #Dubai #ForzaMilan 

  6. *Ac Milan 4 -2 Real Madrid*

    #RMA #AcMilan #Dubai #ForzaMilan 

  7. I never like selfish players, El Shaarawy you are dam too wrong, you should
    pass the ball to pazzini, he had better chance to score than you, you
    better think about when others pass the ball to you !

  8. I do not think that milan is better .if ronaldo, benzema,bale,marcelo and
    james would have played together real could easily beat milan. The coach
    made silly mistake

  9. I miss the time before Balotelli’s arrival, when Shaarawy scored a lot!!!

  10. *Ac Milan 4 -2 Real Madrid*

    #RMA #AcMilan #Dubai #ForzaMilan 

  11. *Ac Milan 4 -2 Real Madrid*

    #RMA #AcMilan #Dubai #ForzaMilan 

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