10 thoughts on “HOOLIGANS FIGHT: England Fans Injured in Ukraine Knife Attack

  1. yeah those scum chicken shit bunch of pussy’s with there knives, oooooh look at me im hard cus I gotta blade, ur nothing but wankers - chicken shits or shud I say chicken kievs

  2. 0:30 ohh look he was stabbed and bleeding to death lets just stare at him…he does not need help…

  3. Ниједан од украјинског ултрас је преузео на себе

  4. То је нормална слика у Енглеској него сада су дошли на туђу територију.

  5. It is not Ukrainians. Ukraine is very peaceful nation, you had chance to see it on EURO2012. It was planned provocation.We expected something like this to happen and there are more to come unfortunately. Russia does not like Ukraine to sign agreements with EU in November about zone of free trade.They will discredit us in front of Europe all possible ways their former KGB president can. Russia cant let Ukraine go to Europe. Sorry British fans. All Ukrainians wish you speedy recovery. God bless!

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