18 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo & Gareth Bale | Real Madrid 2013 -2014 | HD

  1. Bale is a very very VERY good player. But as good and expensive as Ronaldo? No way.

  2. I have some football edits on my channel would be cool if you could check them out! cheers

  3. having wathed him regularly for 5-6 years in the epl I am afraid to say he is not worth half of what was paid. lat season he had a blinder scoring goals from distance. Once they stop going in he is too one dimensional. he couldnt even get in the team until he was 21, and he made it after one brilliant performance against a rafa benitez lead inter. maicon was way past it at the time

  4. per ora messi è migliore di bale ma non di ronaldo

  5. Gareth bale is so not near being a “best player” he is a good player but far from “best” most overpriced purchase for Real, a really bad purchase at that too. I think he will flop big time like torres in chelsea

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