24 thoughts on “Neymar ● Welcome to FC Barcelona

  1. I have just started making football players edits, so it would be cool if you could go to my channel and check them out? cheers

  2. i know he respect messi and don’t want to steal his thunder, but he needs to do what we know he can do. He was brought to the team to add flair and excitement like the Brazilians before him so do it! >.<

  3. Neymar wasnt neymar started from the bottom and made it to Barcelona already at the age of 21 the way you all make it sound as if neymar is 25 years old n hes not putting in enuff work neymar is young he’s a boy

  4. Dunno bout bale but yh the rest are coz they got more experience give neymar another year or two n you all will be swallowing your words neymars work rate ia good as hes skills you idiots its not all about skill there’s more to football than just skills neymar is a good player hes got potential to be one of the greatest players if he keeps on scoring every player goes through this this is just the starting of hes career most top players who made it to barca was already in a top team

  5. fuck pele messi is better than pele he beat he’s record thats why pele hate messi because messi is the best player in history and he prove it lets face it theres alot of players better than neymar xavi inesta cristiano ronaldo gareth bale ribery

  6. You fucking dickhead,you’ve disgraced you’re self,you’re an excuse for a Brazilian,and you don’t deserve to be one.

  7. Ninja surely the suggestion that he is better than Messi has to be treated as nonsense even if Pele said it. They are both Santos so of course Pele talks him up. Fact is Neymar has yet to prove he is on the level of Iniesta, Ozil, Di Maria etc and as for Messi he is simply miles ahead.

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