25 thoughts on “Rickie Lambert scores winning goal on England debut v Scotland at Wembley

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  2. From Bristol Rovers to Southampton to England to scoring the winning goal with his first touch! What an achievement and he scored in style he still has so much to give England! Just give him first 11!!

  3. That’s unfair do you remember Norwich striker grant holt he scored more goals than rickie lambert and didn’t get picked for England there near enough the same age.

  4. Lambert has been in the championship but the skills he possess are unmatched as a England striker better than Carroll Rooney and welbeck. Maybe a sub or hopefully him and Carroll form a strike partnership so England can finally have a plan B

  5. True. I find that people are assuming England will qualify when in fact they are still behind Montenegro.

  6. Someone who cares about playing for England! He should be a shoe-in for 2014 – providing we qualify of course 😛

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  8. Rickie shows them all how it’s done. Top player, and so down to earth. The prima donnas in the England setup could learn a thing or two from how Rickie Lambert conducts himself. Well done Rickie!

  9. He made every Southampton fan proud, deserved the chance earlier, he was patient and when it came he made sure he was effective. He’s much better than Carroll and he did more than Rooney and he played 60 odd minutes!

  10. but i think his age defines his maturity too the likes of rooney who think they are gods were lambert is just happy to help the squad

  11. so then went down twice to scotland and without rickie goal it would have by 2-2 and on paper scotland squad is nowhere near england squad

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