24 thoughts on “Real Madrid First Training with Carlo Ancelotti

  1. Am I the only one that thinks madrid should play in a 4-3-3 formation with two attacking midfielders? I think ozil and isco would be happy that way and modric could rotate with xabi and khedira

  2. yeah mine too … i expected their training to be harder … but its the same as mine and i am 15 yr old lol… + they make a lot of mistakes on those drills

  3. yeah mine too … i expected their training to be harder … but its the same as mine and i am 15 yr old lol… + they make a lot of mistakes on those drills

  4. the line up will be bale-isco-ozil, ronaldo up front, benzema on the bench or sale him he doesn’t perform in the big games same with khedira, kaka, and di maria the only thing di maria does is crossing, i don’t know why real madrid sold robben he is way better than di maria and ozil. i think they will sell isco too

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  6. Kaka, Di Maria and Khedira aren’t going anywhere; they’re in LA, showing that they’re part of Ancelotti’s plans for this season. Isco is an attacking midfielder, not a central midfielder; so he would occupy the same role as Bale. In addition, if Ancelotti changes to the 4-3-2-1 formation, that would mean three central mifielders, one striker and only two attacking midfielders; just don’t think there’s room for Bale nor that we need him.

  7. if madrid sign bale they will sell kaka and di maria maybe khedira too, because modric will play with isco in the midfield.

  8. Totally agree with you. We should keep our counterattack; it is arguably the best of any team, but under Ancelotti, we can develop another style too; because right now when we have possession of the ball, we don’t know what to do with it. Ancelotti can help us out here, so that we can become a better attacking opponent. Jese can become phenomenal. I really hope that they use him and to not waste money on players like Bale and Suarez.

  9. Why do they need Bale? Everyone seems to think that; but they really don’t. Look at Madrid’s attacking midfield: Ronaldo, Ozil, Kaka, Di Maria and Isco. There’s no room for him. There is no question that Ronaldo is the best here; Ozil should play also; leaving Kaka, Di Maria and Bale if he signs for the remaining position; Bale will need to adapt which would be hard, and why spend so much money when you can use Isco who could be brilliant.

  10. True. But Jese can become brilliant. He’s only twenty, and in a few years could potentially become better than Bale under the right guidance. He’s one of the world’s best players of his age; there’s no reason why he cannot reach this level; he just needs more playing time.

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