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  1. He said he dint feel respected as madrid and madrid wasnt honest to him just because we asked him to wait for his salary hike? one wenger call enlightened him to take step down in his career to play with average players at arsn’l? clearly it was monetory issue as arsn’l is paying him 2.5M more than we did annual ,as well no competition as ars’nl .If you are at RM you’ve to prove you are best everyday thats how you survive at madrid , he wasnt up for it anyways gd luck 2 him. Adios! Hala Madrid

  2. well said , some madridistas are pretty gullible , they dont even know why ozil left & defend him blindly , ofcourse we are thankful to his contribution & wish him luck but why left when he repeatedly said he wants to retire at madrid & 2 days before transfer deadline , he said he is staying at madrid..simple he feared competition as isco is scoring + creator , even bale dropped in ,apart from that Oz cant play on wingsOz wanted more salary (afc paying him 7.5ME) , monetory issues as well..

  3. No, I’m no Ozil fan. I’m Real Madrid fan. He’s not in Real Madrid anymore so I don’t care. Go cry in a corner for Ozil and be Arsenal fan. One mindless fan less.

  4. 昨晚看現埸轉播足球,衛視体育台竟然為了播其他節目而把130分鐘後的12碼的Pk賽卡掉!T_T氣死我了 .

  5. Ok, thank you for sharing this with us, you certainly managed to change my view on football, keep up the good work, and spread the word..

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  7. iker is a club icon for a decade you dumbshit ..no wonder you are amongst those newbie wannabie madridistas who never saw him play except his pseudo ebb ! And about that narcissist redneck twat mou ,you still whine about him after he insulted madrid , prez & club icon?! Why dnt you follow him to chelshit tranny?! Born plastic fan ! Iker is saving madrid’s ass since you were wearing a diaper so have some respect or go bandwagon to some farcical club twat ..did you wet your pussy already wimp?

  8. why sell ozil & de maria still in the team despite bill play at the same position while ozil can play AMF & RMF .. why u sell him -___________-

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