24 thoughts on “Bayern Munich vs Barcelona 4-0 | Bayern Munich 4-0 Barcelona | Goals & Highlights HQ 23-04-2013

  1. Us cheaters? I laugh at statements like that. We don’t need the refs help and we don’t cheat. People are jealous of our success. The goal where Dante assisted with a header was a foul, and when Muller blocked Alba was a foul. We are still the best team in the world.

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  3. First two goals are headers, they don’t have nothing to do with being better, Bayern’s players are taller than Barca’s players, period. Barca was playing better than Bayern until the second goal. And as for the third, Muller, that asshole, should have gotten a red card and the goal should have been cancelled. Stupid germans. This year tiki-taka will destroy you, bitches

  4. Barcelona is no longer the best in the world bayern Munich is they have proved it not just cuz of this game but they have proved it all year long

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