25 thoughts on “Sing It For England – World Cup 2010 Football Song

  1. England: Comin’ back from the match on a winters night, fuckin’ freezin a pint in the boozer and fish an’ chips on the way home. I dont want to live anywhere else.

  2. England will bring it home soon . I am a girl from England an I am am in love with footie living in Ireland now love it here but there is no place live home

  3. This song always makes me feel so homesick, I live in The Netherlands now…really love it here……but this song always makes me realise….there’s only one home….and…my home will always be England…….2012 could just be our year……COME ON ENGLAND !

  4. i fucking miss england i lived in derbyshire for a year and now i really fucking miss it

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