24 thoughts on “FIFA 14 DEMO GAMEPLAY FIRST MATCH! @ FC Barcelona vs Boca Juniors 2-0 10/09/2013 [PC][720p]

  1. Que abusivo Barcelona contra Boca, juega mejor contra el Milan para ver como te golean. Porque mejor no elegiste a Boca juniors y la cpu con Barcelona para ver como te metian 10 goles a 0 jajaja.

  2. nah i really just dont care about fifa i have always hated fifa ever since fifa 08 i gave up on football all together i used to like playing football then people just kept on taking it too serousley and so i watched football and then i got bored of it so i played fifa on the xbox and then i got frustrated with fifa 08 and now i checked out this fifa and i realize nothing has really changed [my personal opinion] so fifa well never be on my christmas list

  3. So actually NOTHING changed since fifa13? I notice that player engine still sucks as in previous fifa games

  4. Jugamos con el Madrid,Milan, Bayern y Muchos mas! pero en finales de intercontinetal y vos cuando Jugaste amargo? con Boca Unido en la B jajaa

  5. played the demo.shooting n tackling is very good.a bit too fast even if your Barca or south AMerican.commentart is the same.to be honest nothing to write home about in comparison to the other editions.pes should give up if it can’t equal or better this lazy edition.

  6. jajaja boca con la “rosadita”. Bosteros, comprensen el fifa que es la unica manera de que puedan jugar con el BarÇa

  7. I know UT yet I’m not sure if i really like it that much So many Duplicated players etc makes it boring and if u need good players then u gotta cheat u know u stand no chance of building ur own tough team it’s ridicuolous

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