22 thoughts on “Villarreal vs FC Barcelona FULL MATCH 27-04-2014 (HD)

  1. no commentary but still get the La Liga sound effect for every replay
    graphic ;]

    unfortunately barca now find themselves in a terrible predicament; tito
    villanova’s untimely death also means that barca have no one to carry on
    guardiola’s system. the ship literally has no captain, no keeper, and the
    defensive line is completely rotten. no one could have predicted this and
    to be honest, who can possibly fill the managerial shoes?

    Answer: No one.
    Solution: Get Pep Back.

    If Pep does not come back soon, there won’t be a barca left!

  2. +ieraHDTV Wow this is football at its purest: no commentators, just crowd
    noise and the sounds of the game. Love it…very VIP camera-esque 🙂 This
    way your full focus is on the game rather than what the commentators are
    saying. That crowd reaction at 31:07 (Pinto’s behind the back pass)…love

  3. Hey Iera, can you plz upload this match “barca vs real 29-11-2009”, really
    cant find it anywhere, would be so cool if you uploaded it, thanks. :)

  4. Hey can you upload the Barcelona el Classico game please I can’t find it 

  5. +ieraHDTV could you upload the Barcelona vs real madrid 29-11-09 1-0 ibra
    goal plz

  6. lamentablemente hay que decirlo messi se nota algo aburrido no se si es del
    juego o del club pero se ve falta de ganas ya ni corre.

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