Arsenal have little option but to sell Aubameyang

Arsenal will have to sell Pierre–Emerick Aubameyang if he doesn’t agree with the club’s deal, says former player Ray Parlour. But he still wants the player to stay as he is nearing the last twelve months of his deal. Aubameyang holds great importance to the club and Arsenal will not surely let him stray away like that.

As the transfer window is approaching the club will be putting forward new deals and negotiations. This may result in either positive or negative note as per the player’s wish. He can also decide to start somewhere new like Manchester United or Real Madrid as they are among the clubs that have shown interest towards him.

Parlour advises to the club if he chooses not to stay then they should pull out the potential interests and have negotiations with them and sign a good deal. The money from the transfer fee could be used to bring a replacement for him. It is a difficult process to give away a player like him. But this is what happens when a player nears his last year in the club. They tend to leave rather than stay.

“It’s a big decision to make, but I don’t know what sort of money you could get for him if he doesn’t want to stay. If you get a good fee for him then you have to try and go out and replace him.”
He hopes that the player will choose to stay and under Mikel Arteta, he can be of great help and contribute a lot to the team. The decision of the player depends on his connection with the manager. The club atmosphere and the players have an important part but if one can’t tolerate the manager they may leave.

Aubameyang, a few months before, has confirmed that he is glad to be playing for Arsenal. He has scored 61 goals for the club and has been given the captaincy on the 2019–2020 season. Since his contract is coming to expire and with no new extensions, the speculations regarding his stay at Arsenal will only grow.