16 thoughts on “FC Barcelona – All 35 Goals in July & August 2013/2014 | HD

  1. If you focus at the moment 4:06 when Messi stole the ball from Levante’s defender, he did three steps with single leg, this is insane i’ve never saw something like that, so much power in his thighs, incredible acceleration, out of this world.

  2. 1. Fabregas
    2. Valdes
    3. Messi

    Best goal for me has to be either Sanchez’s vs Levante or Alves vs Levante. 1st one been a perfect team goal and the 2nd one with Messi pressing to win the ball back so high up the pitch. Lovely to see.

  3. you could even place valdes in top 3. without his great form, we wouldn’t have won the supercopa and only drawn 2 league games

  4. My most memorable goal is Messi chip against deportevo last season because I was actually there and the best player so far in the season for me is Fabregas.

  5. dongou’s first goal for the first team. i think we gonna see many goals and have many hours of fun with this kid

  6. What was the most memorable goal for you and who has been the best player so far this season?
    Song name: London Grammar – Hey Now (Keeno Remix)

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