25 thoughts on “FC Barcelona – CBS ’60 Minutes’ report on FC Barcelona

  1. It’s actually called soccer in Canada and Australia too. It’s used in countries where there other codes of football that are more popular.

  2. why doesn’t the guy with the beard and glasses just flop his knob out and start smashing one out!?

  3. Are they trying to become their own nation? and If so, would they have their very own national team?

  4. I can’t believe Messi is 25 with all he’s accomplished. Players go their entire careers without winning anything and Messi by 19 was already a football God.

  5. It sucks to see how people like you want to make FC Barcelona part of your political ideas.
    Fair enough if you believe in your independency, but do not use a football club as the the flag of your pretensions…
    FC Barcelona does not belong to any of your ideas. It is independent itself… So please, STOP using it as a political weapon!

  6. Ok, fine. Then it is a country, but a country without fully autonomy, and a country that is part of a Nation called Spain
    You can call it country, I’ll accept that, but it is not recognized as a country in the United Nations.
    It is a region of Spain. As simple as that.

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