25 thoughts on “FC Barcelona – La presentació del Barça 2013/14

  1. Manu has gotten their ass kicked by barca twice in the champions league final so dont talk

  2. The worst team?? So far they have won every league game and are the current champions. Madrid didn’t win anything other than super copa last season. United tied with chelsea at old trafford and lost to liverpool. I personally think they will do better this season than last and can’t wait for the next clasico. If anything, Bayern is still europe’s strongest side and I believe the champions league will go to a german or spanish club.

  3. This year Barcelona will not be able to play and show the beautiful game as grants Manchester United, Real Madrid, Chelsea, etc. Barcelona is the worst team in Spain. Manchester United champion!

  4. VISCA EL BARCA y los merenges envidiosos que hablen mejor de la maricona de ronaldo y del oreja soplillo de Gareth Bale gracias

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